Jazz from a musician’s perspective

I decided to start a blog to share my knowledge and experience that I gained during my journey in jazz world that started about 25 years ago.

My goal is to publish posts that are in different styles to keep it interesting for musicians as well as non-musicians.

Jazz history was a special subject that I was interested in during my school years in New York since I had the chance to hear first hand stories from jazz old timers like Lee Konitz, Reggie Workman, Vic Juris, Billy Harper, Charlie Persip, Benny Golson. So instead of keeping it all serious, I will try to maintain a certain level of sense of humor with the help of these small stories.

This blog will also include technical articles/posts about jazz improvisation that are helpful to all instrumentalists as well as special posts for guitar players. Since I am a guitar player as well, I will try to include special notation including position and finger number info for guitar players.

From time to time, I will try to have my musician friends from Istanbul and New York as guests.

I hope it will turn out to be interesting, user-friendly and informative for everyone.