Diatonic Jazz chords for guitar players

I just have the time to write after a long break.

Let’s talk about adapting the diatonic chords that I have previously mentioned in my post titled Building blocks of chords, intervals  to guitar. Grouping strings is very practical when studying chords on guitar. We will use the most widely used string groups to explain diatonic chords.

1. Group:

2. Group

3. Group

We based our explanations on one chord and its inversions. However, it is possible to find different chords with different qualities by changing 1 or 2 voices on the chords. I will explain this later.

If we were to list all the diatonic chords within one scale based on the roman numerical system ( I maj7 – II-7 – III-7 – IVmaj7 – V7 – VI-7 – VII-7b5 ), we will have the following result.

1. Group:

2. Group:

3. Group: